M/J Exploring Music 1: MU.68.F.3.1

Big Idea: Innovation, Technology, and the Future
  • Understanding: The 21st-century skills necessary for success as citizens, workers, and leaders in a global economy are embedded in the study of the arts.
    • Benchmark: Describe how studying music can enhance citizenship, leadership, and global thinking.
☆ Categorized as Best Assessed in the Classroom (BAC)

Students will be able to:

  • describe and demonstrate appropriate audience, rehearsal, and performance behavior at a variety of music activities.
  • explore how music can enhance relationships among people of different cultures.
  • examine how one’s role in an ensemble is a process of self-improvement that can apply to other areas of life.
  • identify life skills one learns through participation in ensembles.

Students will know:

  • Character traits: leadership, mutual respect, responsibility, problem solving
  • Unity