M/J Exploring Music 1: MU.68.H.1.3

Big Idea: Historical and Global Connections
  • Understanding: Through study in the arts, we learn about and honor others and the worlds in which they live(d).
    • Benchmark: Describe how American music has been influenced by other cultures.
☆ Categorized as Important (I) ☆ To be evaluated by Responding Items (R)

Students will be able to:

  • actively listen to and identify American styles of music.
  • actively listen to and discuss recordings of renowned American composers, artists, and ensembles.
  • explore evolution of American music, e.g. blues to jazz to rock, African-American spirituals to R&B, European operas to American musical theatre.
  • describe musical performance practices in at least one other culture and compare them to the American culture.

Students will know:

  • Historical context
  • Historical background
  • Style: spirituals, musical theatre, patriotic, folk, Latin American