Chorus 4: MU.912.F.2.1

Big Idea: Innovation, Technology, and the Future
  • Understanding: Careers in and related to the arts significantly and positively impact local and global economies.
    • Benchmark: Design or refine a résumé for application to higher education or the workforce that highlights marketable skills and knowledge gained through music training.
☆ Categorized as Best Assessed in the Classroom (BAC)

Students will be able to:

  • define résumé, (curriculum vitae), and its component parts, as well as discuss its language, usage, intent, and target audience.
  • discuss and explain desirable qualities of scholarship, leadership, and experience.
  • itemize educational background, work/school related experiences, and educational/career goals.
  • create practice résumés based on music experience, music interest and/or career choices in the arts or related.

Students will know: