Chorus 4: MU.912.H.2.1

Big Idea: Historical and Global Connections
  • Understanding: The arts reflect and document cultural trends and historical events, and help explain how new directions in the arts have emerged.
    • Benchmark: Evaluate the social impact of music on specific historical periods.
☆ Categorized as Best Assessed in the Classroom (BAC)

Students will be able to:

  • identify and discuss music as an influential component of various societal and historical events.
  • identify and discuss specific historical events inspired by music, musicians and/or composers.
  • identify and compare popular vs. art music historically, e.g., madrigal vs. motet, operetta vs. opera, etc.
  • identify specific historical events inspired by music, musicians, and/or composers.
  • discuss how music has impacted elements of society, e.g., religion, literature, wars, revolutions, governments/rulers.

Students will know: