Chorus 4: MU.912.S.1.4

Big Idea: Skills, Techniques, and Processes
  • Understanding: The arts are inherently experiential and actively engage learners in the processes of creating, interpreting, and responding to art.
    • Benchmark: Perform and notate, independently and accurately, melodies by ear.
☆ Categorized as Essential (E) ☆ To be evaluated by Prepared Performance (P)

Students will be able to:

  • independently identify and sing major, minor, and perfect intervals using solfeggio.
  • independently notate dictated major, minor, and perfect intervals.
  • independently identify and sing major and minor chords using solfeggio.
  • vocally repeat a dictated melody using solfeggio.
  • independently notate dictated rhythmic patterns.
  • consistently apply the principles of audiation, including types and stages.

Students will know: