Intermediate Music 2: MU.4.O.2.1

Big Idea: Organizational Structure
  • Understanding: The structural rules and conventions of an art form serve as both a foundation and departure point for creativity.
    • Benchmark: Create variations for selected melodies.
☆ Categorized as Best Assessed in the Classroom (BAC) ☆ To be evaluated by Creating (C)

Students will be able to:

  • actively listen to an example of theme and variations.
  • discuss elements of the theme that changed.
  • learn selected melody by rote.
  • explore given melody and experiment with variable elements, including altered rhythm and/or melody.
  • perform a variation.

Students will know:

  • Melody: major/minor tonalities
  • Rhythm
  • Harmony: unison (melody alone), melody with accompaniment, ostinato, two-part singing, simple counter-melody